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Mike was born in Boston and raised in Dedham, Massachusetts, just south of Boston.  He lived there all his life until some crazy gal caused him to move to Vermont in 2004.  While Mike has spent more than 20 years installing lightning protection, he's also had just about any other job you can think of, including auto mechanic, UPS package sorter, home improvement contractor, home improvement store employee, Hostess Cake delivery guy, gasoline/oil bulk hauler (truck driver), and snowboard instructor.  He has never waited tables nor been a dance instructor, and has no interest in trying either.
Mike loves to whitewater kayak, snowboard, explore the woods near our house, and play with our dog Truman.  He's got four wonderful adult children, Bobby, Jennifer, Melissa, and Lindsey, and four active and fun grandchildren, Haleigh, Annabelle, Ryan, and Sophia.

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Alexa was born and raised in Manhattan, where she did things you don't see much in NYC anymore like play ball in the street and ride her bike around the neighborhood.  She left for Brown University in Providence, RI when she was 17, and after graduating lived in Boston, Vermont, back in Providence, back in New York City, and now back in Vermont.  Most of the moving was because she worked in radio, which tends to yank you around from place to place.  In addition to radio disc jockey and program director, Alexa has had many interesting jobs over the years, including internet commerce guru, camp counselor, warehouse manager, record store clerk, night manager at an ice cream store, urban museum tour guide, and snowboard instructor.  She has never been a secretary or a telemarketer, and has no interest in trying either.
Alexa loves whitewater kayaking, snowboarding, cooking, playing with our dog Truman, and trying to listen to radio "like a regular person".

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The Hook-up

Mike and Alexa had known each other casually for a year or two because they were in the same group of whitewater kayaking friends, but they had never hung out one-on-one.  Mike was living in Dedham, MA and Alexa was living in Vermont, so other than kayaking, they never saw each other.
Then, half-a-dozen of their river buddies (including Mike and Alexa) decided to drive up to Canada to paddle BIG whitewater on the Ottowa River.  A week long trip was planned, including lodging at a sort of "paddling camp".  Mike, mutual friend Josh Lutz, and Alexa, all carpooled together from Vermont to Canada, and the usual long-roadtrip-type bonding ensued, where all three got to know each other better than they ever had before. 
Day one of the kayaking adventure, Mike flipped his boat in a rocky rapid and got a nasty cut on his hand.  His bandage had to be changed every day (especially since he continued to kayak), and Alexa volunteered for the job.  During the daily cleaning and wrapping of his injured hand, Mike and Alexa talked and got friendlier.  By the middle of the week, they were spending lots of time together, and looking out for each other in the larger, scarier rapids on the Ottowa. 
Fast forward to the "one thing leads to another" part, and suffice it to say that by the time the kayaking week was over, there was definitely "something going on".  Neither of them was quite sure what it was, but over the next few weeks it started to grow into something real.
In the fall of 2004, Mike moved up to Vermont, and on October 22, 2005 they got engaged.

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The Proposal

Mike and Alexa had been renovating their farmhouse in Vermont for almost a year.  The year had been great, because they were together, but completely nuts because they were both working, and renovating the house by themselves, and never had even a moment to breathe.
Mike and Alexa had talked of marriage, and knew it would happen eventually, but there just never seemed time for the actual proposal part.  Alexa had told Mike, "I don't need a ring", "we shouldn't be spending money on a ring", and other variations on that theme.  But Mike is a true gentleman, and he secretly bought a ring, still not sure of where and when he would pop the question.  After holding onto the ring for a week or so, Mike began to realize that with all the crazy house renovation going on, there was just never going to be one of those "top of the Empire State Building" type of moments in the near future.  On Alexa's birthday, October 22, Alexa and Mike where hanging out in the kitchen in pajamas having coffee.  Mike gave Alexa a wonderful card, where he wrote some sweet words, with an "over" at the bottom.  When Alexa turned the card over, written on the back was "will you marry me"?

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Contact Information

Email:  (replace "at" and "dot" with "@" and "."  This is done to prevent spammers from sweeping email addresses off this website.  Thanks!)

Mike - jmikemanning "at" yahoo "dot" com

Alexa - findalexa "at" yahoo "dot" com

Home - 802-375-0266
Mike Cell - 802-688-4658
Alexa Cell - 802-688-4632

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1322
Manchester Center, VT 05255

Shipping/Physical Address:
3880 Sunderland Hill Road
Sunderland, VT 05250
("Sunderland" may come up as "Arlington" in some systems.  That is fine.)

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Truman is our dog. We dig him.  'nuff said.

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