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Everyone we have invited to our wedding has touched our lives in a meaningful and positive way.  This once-in-a-lifetime day we share with you to thank you for being our true friends.

The members of our wedding party have been with us through thick-and-thin, seen us at our best and at our worst, and stuck with us through it all. 

Thank You!

Bridesmaids               Groomsmen               Bubble Queen

Alexa's Bridesmaids

Naline Lai

Alexa's best friend from the very first day of college 21 years ago








Jennifer DeWitt

Alexa's awesome Texan gal-pal for the past 20 years





Haleigh Manning

Junior Bridesmaid - Mike's granddaughter








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Mike's Groomsmen

Robert Manning

Mike's son







Matthew Stewart

Mike and Alexa's most excellent friend







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Bubble Queen

Annabelle Manning

Mike's Granddaughter









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